Because A Great Story Deserves An Amazing Map
Create Your Fantasy Map For Your Game Or Book
and bring the world of your imagination to life

Commission me

Here you can read about prices, my process and fill up a form to commission me. If you have any question, please feel free to contact me at


Every map is unique, some require more work than other and therefore it is impossible to be fair without discussing with you the details of your map. Please fill the form on the rigth so that I can give you a budget. 

Form Instruction:

  1. Name and email: so that I can contact you back.
  2. Type of map: Pick one or more of the types mentioned. If you wish to commission multiple maps, write here each type that you wish and how many. 
  3. Style: Pick one of the style mentioned or give me the name of a map in my portfolio for reference.
  4. Size requirment:  if you are not sure leave this section blank.
  5. Usage of the map: Will you use your map on a digital platform or will you print it? maybe both?
  6. Deadline: Leave this section blank if there is none. Please remember that I migth be working on other commission(s) during this time and it does take time to make a map.
  7. Budget: In USD or EURO is perfect. Leave blank if you do not know or do not have one. 
  8. Comercial license: If you wish to use the map in a product that you will be selling you will need a commercial license. If your map is only for personal use check the No box.
  9. Sketch:  In jpg, jpeg, png or bmp. Any image help, the more details the better.
  10. Other details: Anything that you find relevant for me to know to make your map. 

What’s next:

After receiving your form, I will come to back to you as soon as possible and I will ask you any information that I may need if necessary.

Once I have everything I need to start working on your map and after agreeing on a price, I will ask you for half of the total amount before I start and the rest of the payment when your map is finished.

Payments are made via PayPal invoices that I will send to you before I start working on your map. I will not agree with any other method of payment.

The Process:

 I work by steps and I will send you an update at each steps of the way for you to make a revision. This allows you to be part of the entire process and makes it easier for me to make any change necessary during the process.  


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